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Wealth Benefits


Financial Freedom

Crescendo<TM has become renowned for our capabilities in wealth creation adopting and employing a number of tried and tested methods (click to jump to the section):

Benefit 1

Growth Hacking Strategies

Employing advanced and aggressive international sales & marketing growth strategies, the Member is able to adopt and secure substantial value and growth opportunities including:

  • Broader national and international market identification and penetration.
  • Preferred international market partnering and joint venture opportunities.
  • Facilitating value enhancement opportunities through an introduction of higher value client relations.

Benefit 2

International Competitive Advantages

In addition to the obvious taxation advantages (see Taxation Efficiencies below) of having a choice from amongst a menu of all available international jurisdictions, Crescendo<TM also provides an international network that affords all our Members access to preferred on and offshore jurisdictions, alternate material, product and service supply options, alternative labour and technical skill considerations and varying alternative regulatory regimes (from totally non-regulated, ‘light touch’, to full required regulatory compliance).

Benefit 3


The entire purpose of the wealth creation and RIP<TM process is to profitably liquidate and monetise the asset; to take the chips off the table. Crescendo<TM, and CEO Myron D Brown in particular, have deep expertise and experience in divestiture and monetisation applications.There are essentially 3 forms of monetisation:

Benefit 4

Crescendo<TM Opportunity Matrix Evaluator

COME<TM – the Crescendo<TM Opportunity Evaluation Matrix is a simplified opportunity evaluation matrix tool designed to illustrate both the gross anticipated and targeted value of an available opportunity (sourced either directly by the Member, through Crescendo<TM, or from a third party) as well as the CVP – Cost – Volume – Profit relation-ship of identified opportunities in conjunction with a determination of a potential op-portunity’s break even point (BE) and anticipated total profitability.

Benefit 5


Perhaps one of the greatest and valued (non-monetary) benefits cited by Members is our commitment to maintaining their privacy and anonymity.In doing so, the Club<TM is able to operate their individual ips<TM – intellectual property strategies completely anonymously, allowing them to maintain their individual profiles (some very public, high profile and celebrity) utilizing their Club affairs as a private alter-ego.

Benefit 5


Given that Crescendo<TM structures and operates the ips<TM – intellectual property strategy, the Member is able to take advantage of all international jurisdictional advantages and efficiencies.

Every situation is different and we tailor the financial structures to match the each Member’s needs.

Benefit 6


One of the key benefits, which allow achievement of Hecto<TM status, is the vast number of resources Crescendo<TM provides to our members.

Learn More About Our Wealth Benefits

If you have any follow-up questions related to the wealth benefits associated with being a Crescendo < Club Member, we would be pleased to discuss these. Please contact us directly.

Case Studies

Art Collector & Trader

A. Ficionado is a 34 y/o Dutch art collector, trader & market-maker specializing in both high-value Masters and modern fine art.

Bestselling Author

Ms Plucky is a 45 y/o British, international best-selling romance novelist & speaker. Her annual income ranges at $0.5 – $10m.

Fortune 500 CMO

Miss Intrepid is a 47 y/a Fortune 500 Exec & freelance CMO. She sold her proprietary affinity network database for $127m.