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Rationalization of Intellectual Property


Rationalization of Intellectual Property (RIP<TM) is a coordinated, proprietary methodology for the rationalization of intelligence (ideas, innovation, talent and other creative works) and treating the underlying creative source as valuable intellectual property; referred to collectively as ip generally and ip<TM specifically as it relates to the treatment and handling of intellectual property under the direction of Crescendo<TM.

Crescendo’s definition of intellectual property refers back to the creative source itself and not more simply the traditional legal measures that define and protect the source (e.g. copyright, registrations, trademarks, patents, licenses, secrecy agreements etc.).

RIP<TM refers to the comprehensive commercial process of creating, developing, resourcing, exploiting and monetising a particular source of wealth as intellectual property. RIP<TM is not a rigid process for the sake of it. Rather, it is intended to be a guiding and practical means of wealth creation and realization.

Following are the 10 elements of RIP<TM

Over 500 Success Stories

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Case Studies

Art Collector & Trader

A. Ficionado is a 34 y/o Dutch art collector, trader & market-maker specializing in both high-value Masters and modern fine art.

Bestselling Author

Ms Plucky is a 45 y/o British, international best-selling romance novelist & speaker. Her annual income ranges at $0.5 – $10m.

Fortune 500 CMO

Miss Intrepid is a 47 y/a Fortune 500 Exec & freelance CMO. She sold her proprietary affinity network database for $127m.