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The Most Unique Club in the World

Crescendo<TM is a wealth creation, lifestyle, and distinctively, an intellectual property club. We rationalize and maximize the value of our member’s intellectual property through a proprietary legacy estate and asset protection trust… all situated in paradise.

What Does It Mean to Become a Member ?

Well, quite simply, it means to join a most unique, Bahamas-based international Club of elite, like-minded, super high-achieving, high-performing, ambitious and successful individuals.

Our Club Rules

Rule 1

The Rule of Anonymity

We rigorously and thoroughly investigate the quality and character of each prospective member, and each of their underlying sources of wealth, prior to them being granted admission into the Club. We are therefore assured that all of their activities are entirely lawful. Hence, we will never reveal the identity of any of the Club member to any third party; thus assuring their personal anonymity.

The only exception to this rule would come as a result of an official court order and subpoena from a recognised legal authority.

Rule 2

The Non-Zero Sum Rule

The Non-Zero Sum Rule simply states that we will not conduct any transaction or intellectual property strategy (ips<TM) in which one party wins at the expense of the other. We only conduct and engage in win-win strategies.

Rule 3

The Non-Anus Rule

Put quite simply (and perhaps a bit crudely): There are no a**holes allowed in the Crescendo < Club! 

Start Your Journey


Financial Freedom

Crescendo<TM has become renowned for our capabilities in wealth creation, using a number of tested methods for over 30 years.

Lifestyle by Design

Crescendo<TM lifestyle benefits include: sovereignty, personal freedom, choice, opportunity and adventure.
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Hecto<TM Millionaires

A hecto is a unit of measure for 100. Crescendo<TM Members create personal wealth in excess of USD $100 million.

Case Studies

At the time of writing, we have created 536 success stories. Our Members are from every demographic and industry you could imagine.


RIP<TM Methodology

RIP<TM refers to the commercial process of creating, developing, resourcing, exploiting and monetising intellectual property.
IP 2

Member FAQs

We have collected a range frequently asked questions from our Members. You can read them using the link below.


About Us

The Crescendo<TM Group has been running for close to three decades. Successfully supporting over 500 clients along the journey. We are made up of 26 separate entities, primarily made up of financial services, wealth creation, estate planning, private banking, human resource recruitment, research, marketing and information analytics.

The entire group is fully owned by Myron D Brown, Founding Chairman and CEO. We are additionally supported by over 1,000 professional organisations and consultants. Each contributing toward the success of our members.