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About Us


Crescendo<TM Group

The Crescendo<TM Group has been running for close to three decades. Successfully supporting over 500 clients along the journey. We are made up of 26 separate entities, primarily made up of financial services, wealth creation, estate planning, private banking, human resource recruitment, research, marketing and information analytics.

The entire group is fully owned by Myron D Brown, Founding Chairman and CEO. We are additionally supported by over 1,000 professional organisations and consultants. Each contributing toward the success of our members.

The Meaning

Crescendo, a word with Italian roots, embodies the essence of growth and continuous development. Derived from the Italian verb “crescere,” meaning “to grow,” it is often used in the context of music to describe a gradual increase in volume, intensity, or force. This same spirit of growth and progression is at the heart of our company.

In Italian, the concept of growth is expressed in various forms: “To Grow” translates to “Crescendo,” “You Grow” becomes “Tu Cresci,” “I Grow” is “Io Cresco,” and “We Grow” is represented by “Cresciamo.” By choosing the name Crescendo for our business, we strive to create an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement for our clients.

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Our Notable Entities

Crescendo < Club

The unique, international, Bahamas-based, private members Club created in 1999 by its founder, Myron D. Brown, for the many benefits, wellbeing and enjoyment of its private members.

Crescendo < Private Bank

An international, Bahamas-based private bank operated exclusively for the benefit of the Members and Clients of Crescendo<TM.

Crescendo < Air

The Crescendo<TM private members’ airline of the Club<TM, providing ownership, chartering and aircraft maintenance services; sponsored by Bombardier Aviation & Gulfstream Aerospace.

Crescendo < Yachts

The Crescendo<TM private members yacht ownership, chartering, brokerage and maintenance enterprise.

Crescendo < Artists

The Crescendo<TM talent & expertise agency established to represent the clients.
2ia<TM is a Crescendo<TM ideation, incubation and acceleration enterprise. It’s all about bringing great new ideas to life, testing, developing and validating them… and launching them into toward Hecto<TM status.


Is a Crescendo<TMaffinity and affiliate marketing firm.


been there, done that, bought the island<TM – is a Crescendo<TM T-shirt company.


Critical Success Factors<TM – is a Crescendo<TM strategy enterprise practicing in developing a delivering strategy around competitive advantage & critical success factors.


Is that imaginary place where aspiring Hectos<TM ultimately arrive; and a secretive private island in the Bahamas owned by Myron D. Brown.


Is a Crescendo<TM hr, human resource enterprise specifically dealing with high-performance outsourced talent and expertise deployed in development and support of the Rationalization of Intellectual Property (RIP<TM).

Mind & Management<TM

Is a Bahamas-based service supplying international Non-executive Directors.


Is the Crescendo<TM enterprise dealing specifically with international, offshore venture management and operations outsourcing.


Presto-Allegro<TM – presto and allegro, like crescendo, are another pair of musical terms and applications, meaning fast and lively (> 120bpm), to move faster. and/or to speed up. Presto-Allegro<TM is the Crescendo < Group enterprise specifically created to develop Aspirant Hectos<TM.

Probity Capital Corp.

Probity is the mid-market corporate finance boutique (M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital) established, owned and operated by Myron D. Brown in 1990 after leaving public practice with Deloitte.


Is a Crescendo<TM marketing and sales strategy enterprise.


Sine Qua Non<TM – (Latin – meaning Without Which There is Nothing); SQN<TM – Sine Qua Non<™ is the Crescendo<TM strategy enterprise involved with developing proprietary, CSF – critical success factor strategies; without which there is… nothing.


Is the proprietary Crescendo<TM digital platform, inter-relational database, search engine and automated machine language utility-tool utilised in the RIP<TM process to validate the market acceptance of an idea and to establish proof of concept.


Is an ultra-high achieving, intellectual & self-actualisation digital tool and platform designed to structure, organise & resource personal growth & development; at the zenith of personal capability.

Crescendo < Creative

Is the branding and content agency, supporting Crescendo<TM Hectos<TM in packaging their intellectual property in a way that accelerates their movement through our RIP<TM methodology.

Start Your Journey


Financial Freedom

Crescendo<TM has become renowned for our capabilities in wealth creation, using a number of tested methods for over 30 years.


Lifestyle by Design

Crescendo<TM lifestyle benefits include: sovereignty, personal freedom, choice, opportunity and adventure.
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Hecto Millionaires

A hecto is a unit of measure for 100. Crescendo<TM Members create personal wealth in excess of USD $100 million.


Case Studies

At the time of writing, we have created 536 success stories. Our Members are from every demographic and industry you could imagine.


RIP<TM Methodology

RIP<TM refers to the commercial process of creating, developing, resourcing, exploiting and monetising intellectual property.

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Member FAQs

We have collected a range frequently asked questions from our Members. You can read them using the link below.