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Hectos<TM Explained

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The Hecto<TM

A hecto is a unit of measure for 100. Our members create personal wealth, with the assistance of the Crescendo<TM resources, in excess of USD$100 million.

We refer to two types of Hectos<TM; Incumbent and Aspirant. We will explain both on this page, alongside some common characteristics that Hectos<TM possess.

Type 1

Incumbent Hectos<TM

Those amongst the Crescendo < Club Members who have already achieved a personal worth of USD $100 million and more; and desire even greater personal achievement, accomplishment and personal satisfaction, through their discovery and experience of new and deeper intellectual exploration and personal development.

Type 2

Aspirant Hectos<TM

Those high performing, high-achieving and super-ambitious individuals who desire and aspire to gain Hecto<TM status. All through a dedicated and disciplined approach, while supported with the aid of the Crescendo<TM resources.

The 4 Essential Attributes of Hectos<TM

In targeting and serving prospective Hectos<TM, Crescendo<TM is continually on the lookout and talent search for individuals of exceptional promise and potential. They all posses four distinctive, collectively exhaustive and essential attributes.

Attribute 1

Intellectual Property

While we all possess varying degrees of personal intellectual property, certain amongst us have the creative and intellectual capacity to achieve greatness by and through the development, exploitation and monetisation of their intellectual property.

The Crescendo<TM professionals are trained to identify, nurture & develop and accelerate all forms of intellectual property.

Attribute 2


Critical to becoming a Hecto<TM is the necessity of possessing the correct mental outlook, attitude and mindset. A number of notable mindset attributes characterise all of our Crescendo<TM Hectos<TM.

Attribute 3

Ambition & Action

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Crescendo<TM Hecto<TM that isn’t extremely ambitious. It’s one of our defining attributes.

We don’t discourage or cower from an ambitious mindset; in fact, we at Crescendo<TM celebrate ambition. It’s what defines us and makes us successful!

But, even more important than ambition is the attribute of action. Ambition means NOTHING without ACTION.


Attribute 4


Talent is both innate and natural or, conversely, it is developed (making it not a talent; but a skill). We at Crescendo<TM recognise that if we aren’t born with and possess a desired natural talent, we learn to either develop that required skill set for ourselves or we find someone to join our team that already has.

The best and most successful Crescendo<TM Hectos<TM are those that have long-since recognised to surround themselves with talent and add members to their teams who are better at certain skill set requirements than themselves.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have the right mindset? Are you ambitious, action-driven and talented? If you see yourself as a Hecto<TM… we would like to speak with you. Start by completing our ScoreCard<TM below. 

Case Studies

Art Collector & Trader

A. Ficionado is a 34 y/o Dutch art collector, trader & market-maker specializing in both high-value Masters and modern fine art.

Bestselling Author

Ms Plucky is a 45 y/o British, international best-selling romance novelist & speaker. Her annual income ranges at $0.5 – $10m.

Fortune 500 CMO

Miss Intrepid is a 47 y/a Fortune 500 Exec & freelance CMO. She sold her proprietary affinity network database for $127m.