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Stu Dent

Social Networking Engineer and Grad Student

Stu Dent is a 25 year old Chinese-born American and Wharton MBA grad student, and social networking entrepreneur that developed and sold a niche software application to Facebook in 2010 for USD 36.0 million.

Intellectual property

Social networking software and complimentary cross-marketing apps.




Multiple, including Hong Kong and Philadelphia and, in the future, Singapore. 

Present occupation

Under contract to a private IPIT<TM (Intellectual Property & Investment Trust) which provides social network marketing, research and consulting services.

Annual investment income:

USD $2 – 3 million

Current IPIT<TM portfolio value:

USD $34.2 million

Services Provided

Crescendo<TM co-developed, with Stu Dent and his other advisors, the ips<TM (intellectual property strategy) for his core ip prior to the sale to Facebook and the various social networking and cross-marketing methods developed since.
Crescendo<TM advised on the creation of Stu Dent’s future international network marketing consultancy practice.
Crescendo<TM created Stu Dent’s Singapore-based Intellectual Property and Investment Trust (IPIT<TM) in conjunction with his executor and private banker; established to hold his core ip prior to the sale to Facebook.
Crescendo<TM co-developed the IPIT<TM’s investment strategy, in conjunction with Stu Dent and his other wealth advisors.
Crescendo<TM is the lead integrator of all of Stu Dent’s other team of professionals: legal, executor, trustees, estate planner, wealth managers and private bankers.
Crescendo<TM provides monthly financial reporting for the IPIT<TM.
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RIP<TM Application

  • Codification – complete documentation and application manuals co- developed with Stu Dent.
  • Validation – sale of core ip to Facebook.
  • Protection – under a confidential development agreement with Facebook.
  • Valuation – on core ip pre-sale and newly developed ip; in conjunction with Deloitte.
  • Financial Engineering – pre-Facebook sale of core ip to Stu Dent’s IPIT<TM with subsequent sale by IPIT<TM to Facebook; multi tax treaty application on subsequent licensing transactions.
  • Strategic Planning – sales price optimization; pre-sale planning; follow-on ip proliferation strategy under the umbrella ips<TM.
  • Operations – consultancy not yet operational.
  • Governance – coordinated appointment of IPIT<TM Trustees.
  • Monetization – MIP<TM – initial core ip fully monetized; operating and exit strategies for developmental ips<TM in place.

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