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Ms Plucky

International Bestselling Author
Ms Plucky

Ms Plucky is a 45 year old British, international best-selling romance novelist and popular appearance personality and guest speaker.

Intellectual property

Author’s royalties, personal appearance and lecture fee income.


Dual: British and Grand Cayman


Multiple, including London and George Town (Grand Cayman).

Present occupation

Under contract to a private IPIT<TM (Intellectual Property & Investment Trust) which cross-markets Ms Plucky s copyrights and publishing interests.

Annual income:

USD $0.5 – 10 million

Current IPIT<TM portfolio value:

USD $85.76 million

Services Provided

Crescendo<TM co-developed, with Ms Plucky and her other advisors, the ips<TM(intellectual property strategy) for her entire back-catalogue (27 novels), the exploitation of her present and future creative works and her Trust’s various other sources of income including product endorsements, appearance and speaking engagement fees.

Working with her UK tax solicitor and HMRC, advised on and facilitated her UK departure and emigration plan to Grand Cayman.

Crescendo<TM co-developed Ms Plucky’s legacy estate plan along with her executrix, and trustees.
Crescendo<TM created Ms Plucky’s Intellectual Property and Investment Trust (IPIT<TM) in conjunction with her executrix and private banker.
Crescendo<TM provides the professional and administrative team that operates Ms Plucky’s intellectual property strategy (ips<TM) and her Cayman-based investment trust – IPIT<TM.

Crescendo<TM co-developed the IPIT’s investment strategy, in conjunction with Ms Plucky’s other wealth advisors.

Crescendo<TM is the lead integrator of all of Ms Plucky’s other team of professionals: legal, executrix, editor, agent and publishing house, trustees, estate planner, wealth managers and private bankers.
Crescendo<TM provides on-going financial, ip strategy and private investment advice.
Crescendo<TM provides monthly financial reporting for the IPIT<TM.
Crescendo<TM provides accounting, administrative and hr services for Ms Plucky’s various ips<TM and assists with administration of her philanthropic and charitable works.
Ms Plucky 2

RIP<TM Application

  • Validation – proven commercial market acceptance/saleability.
  • Protection – by copyright and by bespoke licensing agreements on Ms Plucky’s other non-publishing ip.
  • Valuation – on newly developed ip and work in progress in conjunction with PwC.
  • Financial Engineering – pre-planning for UK departure and election of Grand Cayman as international jurisdiction of choice for subsequent licensing transactions.
  • Strategic Planning – assistance with cross-marketing planning, public relations and follow-on ip proliferation strategy under the umbrella ips<TM.
  • Operations – fully integrated, staffed and resourced operating ips<TM and IPIT<TM.
  • Governance – coordinated appointment of IPIT<TM Trustees.
  • Monetization – MIP<TM – initial core ip fully monetized; operating and exit strategies for developmental ips<TM in place.

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