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Dr Who

Oncologist and Pharma Consultant

Dr Who is a 35 year old Canadian-born medical doctor and post-graduate student from the Mayo Clinic who studied oncology with special interest and published research work in cell physiology and cytotoxicity. 

After graduation and while working with Novartis he developed an effective and proprietary chemotherapeutic application for common blood diseases (leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma) and went on to develop an international consulting practice delivering specialty consulting services to the BIG 12 global pharmaceutical corporations.

Intellectual property

Oncology, Cytotoxicity, Pharmaceuticals




Multiple, includig Basel (Switzerland),  Manhattan, Vancouver, London, and Turks & Caicos Islands.

Present occupation

Under contract to a private IPIT<TM (Intellectual Property & Investment Trust) which provides global pharmaceutical research and consulting services.

Annual income:

USD $20 – 25 million

Current IPIT<TM portfolio value:

USD $116.2 million

Services Provided

Crescendo<TM co-developed, with Dr Who and his other advisors, the ips<TM (intellectual property strategy) for his various pharmaceutical patents and licenses, in conjunction with his US counsel.
Crescendo<TM advised on the creation of Dr Who’s international pharma consultancy practice.
Crescendo<TM created Dr Who’s Swiss-based Intellectual Property and Investment Trust (IPIT<TM) in conjunction with his executor and private bankers.
Crescendo<TM provides the professional and administrative team that operates the pharma consultancy and IPIT<TM.
Crescendo<TM co-developed the IPIT’s investment strategy, in conjunction with Dr Who and his other wealth advisors.
Crescendo<TM is the lead integrator of all of Dr Who’s other team of professionals: legal, executor, trustees, estate planner, wealth managers and private bankers.
Crescendo<TM provides monthly financial reporting for the IPIT<TM.
Crescendo<TM provides accounting, administrative and hr services for Dr Who’s various ips<TM.
Doctor 2

RIP<TM Application.

  • Codification – performed by client and medical staff.
  • Validation – commercial licenses with virtually all Pharm Cos.
  • Protection – by patent, patents pending and secrecy agreements.
  • Valuation – on core ip pre-sale and newly developed ip; in conjunction with Ernst & Young.
  • Financial Engineering – on-going strategy and operations.
  • Strategic Planning – sales price optimization; pre-departure strategy; ip proliferation strategy under the umbrella ips<TM.
  • Operations – fully integrated, staffed and resourced operating ips<TM and IPIT<TM.
  • Governance – coordinated appointment of IPIT<TM Trustees.
  • Monetization – MIP<TM – initial core ip fully monetized; operating and exit strategies for developmental ips<TM in place.

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