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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

There are 26 member enterprise companies of the Crescendo < Group, primarily made up of financial services, wealth creation, estate planning, private banking, human resource recruitment, research, marketing & promotion, concept ideation & validation, information & intelligence and analytics. The entire group is 100% wholly-owned by the private family trust of Myron D Brown, Founding Chairman and CEO.

Learn more about the notable enterprises included in the Crescendo < Group by visiting our About page.

One, Myron D. Brown. Notwithstanding, Crescendo<TM currently has active engage-ment relations with over 1,000 professionals and support staff; most engaged, typically on a project contract, on an ongoing basis. The choice to have no employees apart from the founder is an operating and human resource (hr) management decision designed to provide maximum hr flexibility.

Instead of hiring employees, Crescendo<TM prefers to interact and engage with individuals (and some multi-individual enterprises, corporations, etc.) on an assignment basis; typically dictated by the requirements and demands of each individual intellectual property strategy (ips<TM).

Professional Support Staff: 200+

Support Staff: ~2,200 (approx. 5 for each ips<TM)

The significance of the Crescendo<TM is taken from the traditional musical symbol which calls for a gradual increase in volume of a single note or a phrase of music.

Our Clients & Services

Ladies & gentlemen, individuals, not a corporate client (although a good many either own their own companies or have senior positions in mid-sized and large corporate entities).

We refer to our clients as Crescendians<TM.

Yes, Crescendo<TM targets and serves very progressive, high-performing and typically ambitious individuals, all of whom have knowingly or unknowingly (at least initially) a potentially significantly valuable personal intellectual property… they wish to exploit and monetise.

Furthermore, Crescendo<TM targets and serves a category of individual that we affectionately refer to as Hectos<TM. You can learn more about what this means here.

From a financial services side there really is no difference. To be a member of the Club also includes the social and lifestyle benefits. 

Crescendo<TM is a multi-faceted financial services firm, made up of a number of core activities:

  • Wealth creation (using primarily the Rationalization of Intellectual Property methodology (RIP<TM).
  • Wealth management (using primarily external professional wealth managers).
  • Private Banking via Crescendo < Private Bank; that is currently a non-deposit taking integrator and intermediary to Tier I and major international private banks.
  • Estate Planning (using primarily external professional STEP – Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners).
  • Private and Corporate Finance (across all methods of financing and financial applications).


You can learn more about these services in action by browsing our Case Studies.

Yes. At the core of its financial service is a proprietary wealth creation method that specialises in intellectual property via the Rationalization of Intellectual Property (also known as RIP<TM).
  • Financial – Wealth Creation
  • Financial – Independence, Security & Freedom
  • Financial – Opportunity & Success
  • Lifestyle – Adventure, Opportunity, Freedom
  • Lifestyle – Sovereignty

Membership Fees

There are two (2) levels of Crescendo < Club membership fees. The first level is the Gen1 – Generation 1 Initiation Fee; and the second level is Gen2 – Generation 2 Crescendo Wealth Participation Fee. 

NB: This two-tier structure is applicable to both, the clients of the Crescendo < Group and to the members of the Crescendo < Club. 

The current Generation 1 (Gen1) Initiation Fee for joining (or for becoming a new Crescendo<TM client) is currently set as USD $2.5 million. This amount is due and payable when the Club and the Member mutually agree how and when the amount will be paid.

There are essentially three options for satisfying the payment of the Gen1 fee:

  1. Payment in full at the time of joining and becoming a full member.
  2. Payment of the usual minimum fee of 20% of the full amount
    (USD$500,000.), with the balance becoming due and payable as Crescendo<TM measurably and demonstrably provides the value benefits (the “Demonstrable Value Benefits” (see below).
  3. Payment of a mutually agreed minimum amount between the Member and the Club (or between the client and Crescendo<TM) that is affordable to the prospective Member/client; again with the balance becoming due and payable as Crescendo<TM measurably and demonstrably provides the Demonstrable Value Benefits.

The Generation 2 (Gen2) fee earned by Crescendo<TM is a participation fee earned as a result of the Demonstrable Value Benefits that we deliver to our Members. The Gen2 fee ranges anywhere from 15% to as much as 50% of the value that we help create (remembering always that the hecto USD $100 million targets are always the net amounts realized by our Members, after our fees have been earned and paid).

The stated 15% – 50% participation range varies and is a function of the extent to which our Members/Clients call for and draw upon the Crescendo<TM Resources and is always negotiated and settled before the commencement of the engagement.

The overriding purpose of Crescendo<TM is to deliver measurable and demonstrable value and benefits to its Members/Clients. These Demonstrable Value Benefits take one or all four of the following forms:

  1. Actual measurable value created and net profits realized by the Member/Client as measured by the hard currency earned and received as a result of the specific and mutually agreed upon ips<TM – intellectual property strategy established and conducted by Crescendo<TM for the benefit of the Member/Client.
  2. Actual measurable value created and mutually agreed between the Member/client and the Club in the form of taxation savings; this is normally agreed in advance as being forty percent (40.0%) of the taxable income that would have otherwise resulted in the payment of taxes, duties and various other assessments or levies on the Member/client to a taxation authority or a combination of multiple taxation authorities.
  3. Actual and specific cost savings realized by the Member/client as a result of mutually identified and agreed upon strategies and cost savings initiatives in advance between the Member/client and Crescendo<TM.
  4. Any other intangible benefits, measurable and demonstrable and mutually agreed benefit requested by the Member/client to be delivered by Crescendo<TM to the Member/Client.

Yes. Crescendo<TM is absolutely committed to achieve total satisfaction of our Member’s/Client’s goals, wishes and objectives.

Crescendo<TM will not invite a prospective Member/Client to join the Club become a client unless we truly belief and are totally satisfied in our own minds that we are able to assist the new entrant with his/her complete goals, objectives and satisfaction. From a financial standpoint that means supporting the candidate to become a Hecto<TM (or some other mutually specified and agreed upon objective).

Should either the Club or the Member, at any stage in its relations, come to the determination and conclusion that it is no longer either likely or probable that these intended outcomes will be achieved, either the Member or the Club may terminate the relationship without explanation of cause, penalty, or financial obligation to the other whatsoever.

Any Others?

If you have any other questions about Crescendo<TM or our membership, please contact us directly. We would be happy to arrange a video call and answer any of your queries.