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The Crescendo<TM Group of Companies, and more specifically the Crescendo < Club, as of the current date has 534 members comprised of 6 billionaires (1.1%), 212 (39.7%) Incumbent Hecto<TM millionaires (those that have already made their USD$100 million; some also rapidly approaching unicorn status), and 316 (59.2%) Aspirant Hectos<TM, those other high-achieving ladies and gentlemen who are well on their way to Hectoville<TM

Crescendo Pros<TM

Serving and working to assist this elite group of ambitious, top-performing individuals are the Crescendo Pros<TM, those approximately 1,400 ladies and gents make it all happen. They are instrumentally involved in bringing our members on board and once in place, those that are directly engaged on the project teams that operate the individual member’s ips<TM – intellectual property strategies; many of whom are Hectos themselves.

All the Pros<TM all but one (the Founder and CEO of the Crescendo<TM Group, Myron D. Brown) are independent, free-agent contractors and consultants to Crescendo.

Why is that? Because Myron has purposefully sought to engage only with those persons who are self-motivated and know what needs to be done and exactly what their contributing role is; no continual hand-holding is necessary.

The composition and mix of Crescendo Pros<TM can be broadly categorised into one of three groups:

  • The Sales & Member-Services Pros<TM
  • The IP Sector Pros<TM and
  • The Multi-Functional Pros<TM

Categories Explained

Here is a short summary of each group of our professionals.

Now Hiring

The Crescendo < Group is currently undergoing a massive scaling and growth push-pull and expects to 10x its current membership over the next 4 – 5 years, from 500+ to over 5,000. Hence, we’re putting the call out now to other like-minded Pros<TM who want to form part of our time-dynamic service team.

We are hiring in all functional aspects of our operation, and even though we are headquartered in the Bahamas and will expect you to dip your toes into our beautiful waters from time to time for speciality team meetings and gatherings, we will be drawing our recruits and Pros<TM from an international audience.

Join Us

If you have an interest in joining one of the fastest growing, most dynamic and richly rewarding international enterprise cultures please forward your CV and cover letter, with references, to our Chief HR Officer, Ms. Victoria Nelson at:


Case Studies

Art Collector & Trader

A. Ficionado is a 34 y/o Dutch art collector, trader & market-maker specializing in both high-value Masters and modern fine art.

Bestselling Author

Ms Plucky is a 45 y/o British, international best-selling romance novelist & speaker. Her annual income ranges at $0.5 – $10m.

Fortune 500 CMO

Miss Intrepid is a 47 y/a Fortune 500 Exec & freelance CMO. She sold her proprietary affinity network database for $127m.