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Miss GoGo

Top 50 Global Musician, Model & Pop Star

Miss GoGo is a 28 year old Canadian international musician, model and pop star.

Intellectual property

Music, Fashion, and Fragrances.




Multiple, including Barbuda, Toronto, Manhattan, London and Paris.

Present occupation

Under contract to a private IPIT<TM (Intellectual Property & Investment Trust) which provides Miss GoGo’s services to her various commercial interests and commitments.

Annual income:

USD $5 – 15 million

Current IPIT<TM portfolio value:

USD $44.8 million

Services Provided

Crescendo<TM co-developed, with Miss GoGo and her other advisors, the ips<TM (intellectual property strategy) for her various international music performance, fashion, and fragrance enterprises.

Crescendo<TM created Miss GoGo’s Barbuda-based Intellectual Property and Investment Trust (IPIT<TM) in conjunction with her executor and private banker.
Crescendo<TM provides the professional and administrative team that operates the Miss GoGo personal management company and IPIT<TM.
Crescendo<TM co-developed the IPIT<TM’s investment strategy, in conjunction with Miss GoGo and her other wealth advisors.
Crescendo<TM is the lead integrator of all of Miss GoGo’s other team of professionals: legal, executor, trustees, estate planner, wealth managers, private bankers, talent and endorsements agency.
Crescendo<TM provides monthly financial reporting for the IPIT<TM.
Crescendo<TM provides accounting, administrative and hr services for Miss GoGo’s various ventures.
Musician 2

RIP<TM Application

  • Codification – cataloguing of all three lines; music, fashion; and fragrances co-developed with Miss GoGo’s talent agency and record label.
  • Validation – established commercial success.
  • Protection – copyright, trademark.
  • Valuation – on core ip; in conjunction with KPMG.
  • Financial Engineering – transfer and sale of all Miss GoGo’s ip to Miss GoGo’s IPIT<TM with subsequent sale and licensing by the IPIT<TM to her various commercial partners and stakeholders.
  • Strategic Planning – ip proliferation strategy under the umbrella ips<TM.
  • Operations – fully integrated, staffed and resourced operating ips<TM and IPIT<TM.
  • Governance – coordinated appointment of IPIT<TM Trustees.
  • Monetization – MIP<TM – operating and exit strategies for ips<TM in place.

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