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We Only Serve the Best

By working with us, you will join the most unique, Bahamas-based, international club of elite, like-minded, super high-achieving, high-performing, ambitious and successful individuals. All of whom share several common personal goals.


Goal 1

Become a Hecto<TM

A hecto is a unit of measure for 100. Our members create personal wealth, with the assistance of the Crescendo<TM resources, in excess of USD$100 million.

Goal 2

Achieve Fulfilment

With the newly gained, enhanced, capabilities; our members become  more fulfilled. Creating the best versions of themselves, and participating in many accompanying social and lifestyle benefits of becoming a Crescendo<TM member.

Goal 3

Gain Sovereignty

Our members gain sovereignty (Sov<TM ). The idea is taken conceptually from the book The Sovereign Individual (a fine and prophetic read).A Sov<TM is an individual of ultimate personal supremacy; accountable to no other higher authority, master or nation-state.

Over 500 Success Stories

At the time of writing, Crescendo<TM has created 536 success stories. Our members encompass every demographic, industry and story you could imagine. Every scenario is unique, but each Hecto possesses an abundance of personal creativity, intelligence, resourcefulness & innovation. Start your journey by learning your ScoreCard<TM.

Case Studies

Art Collector & Trader

A. Ficionado is a 34 y/o Dutch art collector, trader & market-maker specializing in both high-value Masters and modern fine art.

Bestselling Author

Ms Plucky is a 45 y/o British, international best-selling romance novelist & speaker. Her annual income ranges at $0.5 – $10m.

Fortune 500 CMO

Miss Intrepid is a 47 y/a Fortune 500 Exec & freelance CMO. She sold her proprietary affinity network database for $127m.

IP Lawyer

Mr Alpha is a Canadian solicitor & global entrepreneur. He heads his national firm’s intellectual property practice.

Musician & Model

Miss GoGo is a 28 y/o Canadian international musician, model & pop star. Her annual income range is $5 – 15m.

Oncologist & Consultant

Dr Who developed an effective and proprietary chemotherapeutic application for common blood diseases.

Social Networking Engineer

Stu Dent developed & sold a niche social networking software application to Facebook for $36m.

Software Developer

Mr Ripley, a 24 year old graduate from MIT, wrote and developed a piece of software with an initial valuation of $500m.


About Us

The Crescendo<TM Group has been running for close to three decades. Successfully supporting over 500 clients along the journey. We are made up of 26 separate entities, primarily made up of financial services, wealth creation, estate planning, private banking, human resource recruitment, research, marketing and information analytics.The entire group is fully owned by Myron D Brown, Founding Chairman and CEO. We are additionally supported by over 1,000 professional organisations and consultants. Each contributing toward the success of our members.